In compliance with the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (hereafter referred to as the Personal Information Protection Law) and its regulations, with the intent to guarantee privacy and the right to self-determination of all of our clients and/or users who have shared their personal information with us, we issue the following:
Identity and Residence of Responsible Parties
The Centro de Arbitraje de la Industria de la Construcción, A.C. (Construction Arbitration Center, hereafter referid to as "CAIC"), located at Montecito 38, Floor 11, Office 33, Nápoles, México, Distrito Federal, 03810, phone number (+52 55) 9000-4989, informal its clients, users of the website, or any other person or persons that, with prior consent, have voluntary shared personal information through media such as: digital media, social media, mail, email, business cards, phone conversations, requisite forms etc., that the CAIC is the only party party to the treatment, use, storage and divulging of said personal information.
Personal Information Collected
Any and all personal information collected by the CAIC is used to contact interested parties, either through our web site or any other medium mentioned on the preceding paragraph, including but not limited to: (i) name, (ii) contact address, (iii) company and position, (iv) phone number and (v) email. In case a need arises for more information, it will be bound to a legitimate, controlled and informed handling, compliant with the present Privacy Agreement.
Purpose of Handling Personal Information

Any personal data collected by the CAIC has the specific purpose of serving the delivery and general management of arbitration services, as well as establishing communication with all interested parties that have requested contact by way of the established forms. Furthermore, after the CAIC’s collection of personal information, it shall be put to use for the following: (i) sending information regarding topics the CAIC may deem of interest to the user, like news, communiqués or publicity; (ii) sending invitations to conferences, seminars and other social or cultural events in which the CAIC may participate; (iii) sending communiqués and invitations to participate in CAIC projects or any other project the CAIC may consider of interest; (iv) establishing contact in order to answer to a request or statement; or (v) sending notices regarding changes to this Privacy Agreement.

All data collected will go towards a database that will remain active during the CAIC’s existence as an institution, or during a time period the CAIC considers necessary for the specific purpose for which the data was collected.

Security Measures

The CAIC adopts all administrative, physical and technical security measures to safeguard users’ personal information, so that if any third party should need to acquire said information, the CAIC will compel said parties to comply with the present Privacy Agreement, as well as adopt the aforementioned security measures established in the Personal Information Protection Law, with the purpose of protecting all data voluntarily given to us by the user from any harm, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorised use, access or treatment.

The CAIC, even after concluding its relationship with the information’s bearer, will safeguard its confidentiality.

Methods for Exercising ARCO Rights

In case you, or your legal advocate, as the bearer of your personal information wish to exercise your right to Access, Rectification, Cancelation, or Opposition of the same, we request you send the requisite forms to the CAIC’s Head of Personal Information Management at the following email address:, or to send the forms to our residence.

The requisite form must contain, as a minimum:

1. Name and residence, in order to respond within legally established timelines;

2. A copy of voter ID, passport, driver’s license, professional license, or any other document that evidences the identity of the bearer or his/her legal advocate.

3. A clear, concise description of the personal information upon which the requiring party wishes to exercise his/her ARCO rights, as well as a clear and concise description of the request; and

4. Any other element or document that facilitates the location of said information

Personal Information Transference
All personal information collected by the CAIC will not be surrendered, sold, shared or transferred without prior informed consent from the bearer or revision to cases outlined the Personal Information Protection Law. However, the CAIC reserved the right to share personal information with its employees, as well as persons involved in the rendering of CAIC services who require said information. All persons involved in the handling of personal information do so through the CAIC.
Privacy Agreement Modifications

Usage of our website has, as an implied factor, the recognition and acceptance of present Privacy Agreement, which will bear in its final section the date of its last revision. The CAIC reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Privacy Agreement, an action which is summarily published through our website at, available to any and all interested parties. We recommend checking this Privacy Agreement any time you should use our web site in order to appraise any revisions to the agreement.

This Privacy Agreement is governed by the Personal Information Protection Law, its terms, and all other regulations applicable wishing the United Mexican States and its acceptance implies expressed submission to the Mexico City court system in case of any dispute or protest derived from the same.

Last revision: December 12, 2012