Goals and Ideals
CAIC is the result of an idea: the pursuit of an ideal.
The ideal is the is the need for infrastructure works and development, and the idea is the importance of arbitration in achieving this.
Legal problems are the termites of the infrastructure development arena; not just because the risks involved, but also because of the time consumed in solving them. The compounded result of both of these factors is an onerous burden that reduces the net volume of development achieved and reduces the benefit these would have provided sans obstacles.
Arbitration and alternative resolution methods are the ideal recourse for dealing with (the many) problems that come with infrastructure projects. To this end, the CAIC has designed regulations and bylaws that allow their users to solve these problems in a quick, cost-efficient way.
This is the CAIC’s pursuit, and the ideal behind it.
Centro de Arbitraje de la Industria de la Construcción
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